McMurray Legion Pipes & Drums
Dave began his pipe band career with the Edmonton Boys Pipe Band on the tenor drum in 1959, progressing to bass drum, and picking up the snare drum in his spare time, performing, and competing throughout Alberta until moving to BC in 1964. 
His primary band instructors were Tom Young, of the Br. 150 Strathcona Legion Pipe Band, and Pipe Major Edmund Chilton, and Pipe Sargeant Iain MacCrimmon.
He began piping with the Quesnel Legion Pipe Band, under the tutelage of Alan McClennan, followed by 20 + years piping with the Campbell River Legion Pipe Band, tutored by Pipe Majors Dave Dakin Sr., PM Don Stawski, PM Rod Navid, PS Brian Shaw. and PM James Cavanagh.
He moved to Fort McMurray, Alberta in 2008, serving as lead tip of the McMurray Legion Pipes and Drums until September 2010 when he got back into the world of piping.
Career highlights include a tour to Ishikari Japan with the Campbell River Band, and playing at the Edinburgh tattoo with the Canadian Scottish Regimental pipe band in 2004.
He plays Sinclair pipes, with a backup set of Hardy's waiting in the wings.